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    Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
    CMHC Granville Island

    Inspired Sightings Promotion

    Communication Challenge
    Granville Island wanted to celebrate the festive winter season and promote seasonal programming in a universal way that would be inclusive for all members of the community.
    The budget and timeline for creative, fabrication and installation were tight. The challenge was to create a high impact promotional campaign that would cross communication touchpoints and create visibility both on and off the Island, on a very limited budget. 

    The conceptual holiday theme Inspired Sightings featured a lone reindeer flying over the Granville Street Bridge against a backdrop of the starry (or snowy) night sky. In order to save time and money, as well as build on existing visual equity, the billboard (illustration by Raphael Montoliu) at the entrance to the Island was retrofitted with a reindeer crossing sign. The sailor and the Bridge became core visuals for a promotional program that encouraged viewers to check out what was happening under the Bridge, on Granville Island. Visitors to the Island were met with street signs indicating reindeer crossings and fresh reindeer tracks could be spotted on the ground at major crosswalks. The tracks were a handshake with the live reindeer event already on-site at the Kids Market. Environmental design on the Island was supported by a promotional program that included City transit posters, shopping bags (walking billboards) and print advertising. 

    Retrofit to existing Billboard
    Environmental Design
    Transit Posters
    Shopping Bags

    Transit shelter photograph by David Cooper © 2018
    Shopping bag photograph by Mike Savage | Signals © 2018

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