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    Island Explorations

    Canada Mortgage and Housing
    CMHC Granville Island

    Communication Challenge
    Granville Island is an island, so utilizing the available land for what makes the place so special (instead of more parking stalls) means there’s always going to be a squeeze on parking. The perennial challenge is to share a great Island experience with as many locals and out-of-town visitors as possible. 

    The Island Explorations campaign reminded visitors about transportation options used by people of every stripe who arrive at Granville Island every day: By Boat, By Bicycle, By Bus, By Ferry, By Foot, By Taxi and yes, By Car. Each mode of transport was named and celebrated in the form of a custom transportation icon. Information sharing became immediate through the illustrations of Laura Wallace, a Vancouver illustrator and artist whose whimsical characters brought the adventure to life. The icons signalled an exploration that extended the Island experience. Granville Island was encouraged as part of an unique journey, not just the destination. The transportation icons were used across all promotional platforms to support an ongoing welcome to visitors. These friendly ambassadors encouraged visitors to become Island explorers and were featured in advertising as well as a colourful wayfinding map that became a popular and comprehensive guide for Island discovery.

    Information Graphics
    Promotional Campaign

    Maps are a lot of work. I would like to recognize Professor Nadine Schuurman who walked the Island, designer Graham Walker who refined the design, and production designer Rod Boenisch who created the vector artwork.

    Photograph of folded Granville Island map by Mike Savage | Signals © 2018

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