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    Consciously awakening to our life is the single most transformative thing that a human being can experience. It’s also the foundation for building a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable world. 

    The End of Seeking Project shares lessons from more than 40 years of spiritual enquiry. It has become the most significant communication project of my life. 

    We write about what we know or need to know, and in my case, there has been a movement towards transformation and this ineffable thing called Awareness. I’ve spent much of my life drawn to silence; often experienced in solitude but also through openings when sitting with spiritual teachers, healers, psychologists, psychiatrists and, occasionally, awakened masters. 

    At an early age I found peace in this stillness and felt no need to understand anything more. But as I moved through childhood and entered adolescence, this shifted. That’s when I lost what was once familiar and close. And that’s when I became a seeker.

    I’ve since read many books, listened to many speakers, and attended many workshops in search of something I sensed was missing in my life, always beyond my grasp. Even after surviving a terminal cancer diagnosis and training as an integrative energy healing practitioner, the searching didn’t stop. And then, one day . . . it did.

    The seeking ended without my being consciously aware of it until months later because it was so quiet that I almost missed it.

    I will share glimpses of the project in the coming months.

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