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    Ponzo Saves the Day
    Children’s Book

    Sharon Romero

    Maureen Elston

    As a tribute to her friend Maureen Elston, Sharon Romero commissioned and collaborated on a big pink prototype children’s book entitled Ponzo Saves the Day, one of Maureen’s many Ponzo stories written over the years for her children, grandchildren and now . . . her great grandchildren. Ponzo the Very Pink Pig is an inspiration for anyone who believes that anything’s possible, as long as you believe in it!

    Maureen Elston
    Maureen Elston was born in Sydney Australia and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. A seasoned storyteller, her Ponzo the Very Pink Pig stories continue to delight a new generation of kids.

    Sharon’s Praise for Ponzo Saves the Day 

    I loved it. Ponzo is the very pinkest pig in the world of books.
    And when he steps up as the hero of the day, he’s truly in the pink!
    — Henry Swinebourne Jr.
    Editor-in-Chief, Porcine Publishers

    If you doubt yourself, if you’re feeling small, don’t walk,
    run to buy this book! For if Ponzo, the tiniest pig on the farm,
    can find the courage to do great deeds, so can you.
    — Dolly Duckworth
    Author of The Triumph of The Trotters

    I read Ponzo Saves the Day in one sitting.
    It shows that you’re never too young or too small to save the whole farm.
    This book has it all: an old grouch, a wise horse, human helpers
    and a gaggle of cackling, bleating, quacking critters.
    It needs to be read by anyone who has ever been crazy about animals.
    — Frank Rider-Steedman
    Author of Around the Corral in Twenty Laps

    Ponzo Saves the Day
    Ponzo the Very Pink Pig Series

    Maureen Elston

    Designer and Illustrator
    Arlene Cotter

    Copywriter and Collaborator
    Sharon Romero

    12 × 12
    32 pages
    Full Colour

    Ponzo Press
    tales with a twist

    © 2018 Arlene Cotter | selfArchive
    © 2018 Ponzo Saves the Day story written by Maureen Elston
    from Maureen’s old stories:
    Ponzo the Very Pink Pig series
    © 2018 Ponzo Saves the Day book design by Sharon Romero and Arlene Cotter
    Extra words by Sharon and design and illustrations by Arlene
    Vancouver, British Columbia | Canada

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