A Book About You . . .

    This book is not about someone else’s story, it’s about consciously creating your own story from this moment on. As you embark upon your cancer journey, the book’s three chapters provide a simple framework to explore some of the immediate issues surrounding a diagnosis of cancer.

    S T O P

    prepares you for the journey…
    Stop acknowledges your feelings
    and provides encouragement for you to pause
    and take conscious control of the situation.

    Y I E L D

    explores issues of life and death…
    Yield considers the verities of living and of dying,
    invites you to consider all options
    and then follow the wisdom of your heart.

    G O

    invites you to live your life well…
    Go encourages you to live each day by consciously
    creating your personal healing journey.

    By showing you how to participate in your own healing, From This Moment On offers you a valuable reminder to live well … quite literally …  from this moment on.

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