Immediate Help . . .

    This patient-to-patient introduction to cancer diagnosis helps patients, families and friends prepare for the days ahead. Readers are given an initiation by walking in the shoes of someone who’s been diagnosed with cancer and has experienced treatment, remission, recurrence and ultimately, long term survivorship. It’s a primer for anyone who wants to understand more about what it means to live with cancer. Friends, family and caregivers can be anxious to learn more about what their loved one is going through. Unsure about how to help, they are often the first to explore patient resources beyond the traditional gifts of flowers and sweets. This sharing of resources forms a community of support as health professionals and others step forward to become partners in the healing journey.

    From This Moment On: A Guide for Those Recently Diagnosed with Cancer
    Photograph: Lennart Nilson / Albert Bonniers Förlag AB
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