Re:Considerations for 2018

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Re:Considerations for 2018

We live in relationship with all living and non-living things. The global conversation about being human includes: ethics, science, health, philosophy, spirituality, the celebration of human potential, and a growing sense of personal accountability for our economic, environmental and social impacts. It is from these diverse influences that many of us struggle to build an integral foundation for waking up. We’re unconscious when we ignore the vanishing forests and the weekly extinction of species, or when we deny the correlation between our daily lifestyle choices, dead whales, and the bare mountainsides that were glaciers only a generation ago.

My leather sectional,
once my pride, has become
an embarrassment.
I sit less comfortably on it
now that I know better.

If you’re interested in animal-free biofabricated leather substitutes, you might be interested in this New Jersey startup called Modern Meadow. Here’s what they say about themselves on their company website: We believe in a future where animal products are animal-free. There are those who wish the world was different, and those who work to change it every day. At Modern Meadow we are working tirelessly to see this new future materialize; one where humans make the material and the animals roam free.

We each have an opportunity in 2018 to re-consider our impacts.

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