We’re all on the front line . . .

    We’re all on the front line and we cannot be complacent.

    This is a reminder that while many of us remain self-isolated in relative comfort, COVID-19 is devastating hundreds of homeless and at-risk individuals here in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES), as well as thousands of healthcare workers, carers, individuals and families across the street, the province, Canada, and around the world.

    We all know the rules, we just need to follow them.

    Stay informed
    Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
    Avoid touching your face
    Limit your contact with others
    Respect physical distancing
    Stay inside as much as possible
    Support others where you can
    Allow others to help you, too

    COVID-19 information resources that can help us protect ourselves, our families and our communities:

    BC Centre for Disease Control

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