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    Consultation 2016/2017  
    Update UBC Okanagan Campus Design Guidelines for Colour

    University of British Columbia
    Campus + Community Planning (Vancouver Campus)
    Campus Planning and Development (Okanagan Campus)

    Communication Challenge
    The scheduled update to the existing UBC Okanagan Campus Design Guidelines by the Vancouver and Kelowna planning units provided an opportunity to review the colour guidelines and address strategies that would increase visual integration on Campus for ongoing development projects. 

    The objective was to work with the UBC team and an advisory panel to develop colour guidelines that would contribute to the positive transformation of the UBC Okanagan Campus by furthering the university’s aspirational goals.

    The following Campus Plan Vision Statement, developed in consultation with the UBC Okanagan community, guides the physical evolution of the University’s Okanagan Campus over the next 20 years. The University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus aspires to be a centre for learning and innovation that produces global citizens through transformative personal growth and collaboration. Its people, places, and activities are linked by a shared commitment to fostering community, and supporting social and ecological well-being. Deeply connected to the landscape, the campus is an accessible, intimate, and welcoming environment—a catalyst for positive change.

    —Excerpted from the 2015 UBC Okanagan Campus Plan

    Developed with the UBC team through a series of development phases, the UBC Okanagan Colour Guidelines provide an overarching strategy to deliver visual cohesion across a unified yet contextual UBC Okanagan Campus experience. The foundation of the guidelines is an integrated UBCO Colour System that informs colour recommendations for the selection of building materials, landscape, and surface infrastructure related to all development projects on the Campus.

    UBCO Colour System
    Developed over a series of four development phases during 2016/17 (including a colour workshop and several presentations), the colour system provides a conceptual and practical framework for future applications.

    Written Guidelines for Colour
    The Colour section of the Guidelines was expanded to activate areas within the Architecture and Public Realm sections.

    The Colour System Quick Reference provides a tight, comprehensive, stand-alone core reference resource for UBC staff and design professionals. It facilitates presentation briefings with design contractors (architects, landscape architects and allied professionals; including interior designers, environmental designers and communication designers), and provides a simple, accessible framework/tool for discussions about colour.

    Research and Development
    Colour Workshop
    Written Guidelines

    Quick Reference Guide


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