Book Redux . . .

    Redux celebrates a long overdue thank you to my readers, contributors, publisher and agent. It is a formal acknowledgement of my first book.

    For years, I tried to keep my professional and private lives separate. When I wrote From This Moment On: A Guide for Those Recently Diagnosed With Cancer, the schism further widened. While I will comfortably present to 500 people on the topic of design, I had reservations about publicly sharing my private struggles with cancer. I’m an introvert by nature but that wasn’t the reason; I felt uncomfortable about sensationalizing what is for cancer patients and their loved ones an intimate and life-altering journey. My intention was to guide people on their own journey, not to distract them with mine.*

    With time I’ve realized how the book, its contributors and readers helped me come to terms with my own cancer experience. The resulting integration of my professional and personal lives now allows me to share what I’ve learned without feeling guilty about surviving cancer—at least most of the time. My experience has also privileged to me to witness many stories of healing, each precious and unique.

    * It hadn’t occurred to me that people might be interested in my story. My goal was to develop a tool to help others shape their own cancer journey. I was wrong. People were curious.

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