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    Diagnosed with stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, I experienced treatment, remission, recurrence and a terminal diagnosis. I declined a bone marrow transplant, continued with palliative treatment and unexpectedly lived. But I digress. It is more helpful to begin my story right at the moment when I received my cancer diagnosis because like most people—I was stunned.

    I was completely unprepared to hear my own cancer diagnosis and found nothing immediately available to help me deal with my shock. That hard transition inspired me to help others who may be facing those first challenging weeks. From This Moment On literally begins at the moment of diagnosis, the window when everything about cancer is new and the moment when experienced guidance can prepare patients and loved ones for what happens next. This book encourages readers to consciously create their own healing journey.

    The collective wisdom of the many individuals has informed the book. Their contributions have shaped a unique resource that is variously entertaining, poignant and informative. Whether you read the book yourself or have it read to you, you’ll likely get through it in about an hour. It won’t take long to read but the benefit to your health will be ongoing. 

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