A Patient Toolkit . . .

    This does not look like your average cancer book and it’s not. You’ll find guidance but also music, photographs, poetry and art. From This Moment On is a patient tool deliberately designed to simplify and humanize information that is critical to the well-being of any person confronting a potentially life-threatening illness. Recognizing our diverse ways of being in the world, the book treats the reader with dignity, compassion and respect. Just as important, it offers unfiltered honesty. While literary elements and typography regulate the pacing between denser blocks of text, it is the 83 illustrations that provide a refreshing visual journey for the reader. This book is intentionally designed to make the often direct subject matter more accessible, more comprehensible and more bearable.

    From This Moment On: A Guide for Those Recently Diagnosed with Cancer
    © Laura Wallace, Boy on Bike, 1991
    © Mike Lee, Man and Child, 1993

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