A B O U T   a r l e n e   A N D   s e l f A r c h i v e

I’m a designer, design strategist and author living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

a r l e n e | ‏selfArchive is a space for me to share creative projects that encourage transformation across the continuum of human experience. I’ve collaborated on countless communication projects in both the public and private sectors. At some point, the volume of professional work has become too cumbersome to share on a website and, frankly, maybe not all that critical.

We live in a world driven largely by economics and the reality is that so many of my favourite projects were significant not for financial reasons but because I really believed in them. From early in my career I focused on projects for the public good—long before design for the public good became fashionable. In fact, I named my first consultancy PUBLIK Information Design and penned a mandate to serve socially responsible clients, responsibly.

a r l e n e | selfArchive samples recent work as well as archives from past projects that are meaningful for me because the people, the communication challenge and/or the ideas were stimulating. Whether profound or playful, macro or micro in scope, these projects have been catalysts for constructive change.

a r l e n e | selfArchive explores ideas about communication design and transformation.

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