Transformative Spaces

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Transformative Spaces

Transformative spaces are places free of bias, censorship and distortion. This concept visualizes a form of open space that promotes dialogue. In order to identify these open spaces, we need delineation. Either they are open spaces or they are closed spaces. If the objective is an open space for dialogue without bias, then boundaries represent a form of censorship that is unacceptable. One solution is to recontextualize the perimeters as transformers. Using this framework, people and ideas transmute into receptors as they cross the membrane into the neutralized transformational space. When the exchange is finished, people exit and are free to resume their original form . . . or not.

This concept envisions a safe opportunity for the exchange of ideas. In order to create lasting change, a conscious willingness to suspend judgement is required. This is how genuine exchange and conscious transformation happens.

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