New Book

    Over the past two years I’ve been developing a new project about awareness and transformation. To be specific, I’ve been writing and designing a book that furthers a conversation about life and death initiated with my first book From This Moment On: A Guide for Those Recently Diagnosed With Cancer. I wrote that book several years ago after surviving my own terminal diagnosis because I wanted to empower newly diagnosed patients at a critical moment in their lives.

    My new book will be a primer for adults that explores ideas about what it means to be human. Once again, the format is unusual. It’s an experiential book filled with illustrations and micro teaching stories that provoke self-reflection, embed knowledge and open portals to awareness. It reflects over 40 years of my own spiritual enquiry. If that sounds like a long time to be seeking, it should. I hope to save people time in awakening to their own lives through more immediate encounter.

    The book frames a dialogue about our essential qualities; on a human level, in a natural way, using plain language.

    After all the excitement of energy vortices
    and past life incarnations,
    awakening might seem rather ordinary.
    Awakening is closer than all that.

    It is my hope that by sharing some provocations, readers will re-awaken to their own lives long before the final pages of the book.

    Look for project updates in 2017. 

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